Useful links

Below is a list of useful links to smartcard manufacturers and industry organisations.

ACS - Advanced card Systems Ltd

ANSI - The American National Standards Institute

BasicCard - Information on smartcards programmable in BASIC

EMVCo - Europay, MasterCard and Visa

ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute

Gemalto - Well known manufacturer of smartcard products.

ISO - International organisation for standardisation

ITSO - ITSO was formed to build and maintain a specification for secure end to end interoperable ticketing transactions utilising relevant ISO and CEN standards.

JavaCard Forum - Forums for companies and individuals using JavaCards

Key-ID - Key-ID

Mondex - A part of the MasterCard International suite of smart card products, enabling cardholders to carry, store and spend cash value using a payment card.

Multos - Multos is an open, high-security, multi application operating system for smartcards

Omnikey - Smartcard reader manufacturer. Find the latest Omnikey drivers here.

PC/SC Workgroup - PC/SC is a standard specification that ensures all smartcards, smartcard readers and computers are able to work together regardless of manufacturer.

PhoneFile PRO - SIM editing and management software

Pipistrel - Personal data and identity management solutions

RSA Labs - Various cryptography standards, specifications and research produced by RSA

Sagem Orga - End-to-end smartcard solutions.

SmartCard Club - Forums for companies and individuals in the smart card industry

Smartcards in Linux - MUSCLE is a project to co-ordinate the development of smart cards and applications under Linux

Todos - Security solutions for remote authentication

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