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Smartcard Focus is constantly updating and adding to its product range. As well as representing several major manufacturers from within the world-wide smartcard industry, our product team searches out the more specialised products and solutions and helps to introduce them to a wider market. The items below highlight new products and developments in our range:

2016.11.17 - Recommended Finnish Citizen Card readers, In Stock, Ready to Ship!

USB and Bluetooth card readers tested for use with the Android ‘SCS signer app’ for generating digital signatures using a Finnish Citizen Card (Henkilökortti) issued by the Population Register Centre (PRC, Väestörekisterikeskus)

Relevant products: Recommended Finnish citizen card readers

2015.07.18 - ACR39T-A1 & ACR39T-A3 From ACS, In Stock, Ready to Ship!

The ACS portfolio at Smartcard Focus has gone through an impressive improvement, the result of which is the addition of these convenient, light-weight SIM-sized readers using sophisticated technology and a modern compact design. Choose the ACR38T-A1 for USB, and the ACR39T-A3 for MicroUSB connection.

Full product details: ACR39T-A1

2015.05.02 - Complement Your IDBridge CT30 Reader With Gemalto's Floppy Bay Adapter!

Smartcard Focus is proud to introduce the Gemalto Floppy Bay Adapter, a 5.25 inch floppy bay suitable for the popular IDBridge CT30 reader. Equipped with an internal USB 5-pin cable adapter, this floppy bay connects the CT30 directly to the motherboard.

Full product details: Gemalto floppy bay adapter for CT30 reader

2015.03.05 - Upgrade to ACS' New NFC CErtified Reader: The ACR1252 Is Now Available!

Replacing the popular ACR1222U as well as the ACR1251, ACS' brand new NFC certified reader is equipped with a SAM slot, providing high levels of contactless and NFC security.

Full product details: ACR1252U with SAM

2014.12.17 - Secure MIFARE/DESFire Readers From STid - A Brand New Range!

Smartcard Focus is proud to announce the arrival of the secure and programmable MIFARE/DESFire door access readers from STid. The STid ARC-A and ARC-B readers support encoded MIFARE, DESFire EV1 and various other card technologies, and are available with both Standard Wiegand or clock and data interfaces.

Relevant products: STid door access readers and programming kits

NHS Card Readers

We have a range of NHS compatible and certified readers IN STOCK.

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