(Obsolete) Crescendo C700 + MIFARE Classic 4K Card

(Obsolete) Crescendo C700 + MIFARE Classic 4K Card
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The Crescendo series smartcard specialises in logical and physical access control applications incorporating MIFARE Classic technologies with a cryptographic contact chip. By combining logical and physical access control in a single card the Crescendo C700 series reduces card management costs and increases user convenience. Crescendo C700 series smartcards are fully compatible with the Microsoft Windows Smartcard Framework (WSF) and supports applications such as Windows Domain logon, VPN, Microsoft Office Outlook, secure Web access, and wireless LAN authentication.

The Crescendo C700 series of smartcards use a powerful contact chip with a cryptographic co-processor suitable for highly secure logical access control. Crescendo smartcards are supplied pre-initialised with the required on-card software and include all required drivers and middleware giving out-of-the-box, standards-compliant support for logical access control applications. By incorporating MIFARE Classic technology, users can also meet their secure physical access control needs with one card. As well as MIFARE Classic the card also contains HID’s Prox technology for legacy systems. Please contact us for further details on Prox programming to match your current system.

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This product is obsolete and is replaced by the Crescendo C1150.
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