BasicCard ZC7.5 Dual Interface

BasicCard ZC7.5 Dual Interface
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The Professional BasicCard ZC7.5 is designed with dual interface functionality according to the ISO 14443A standard. Features include 32kByte EEPROM, 2.9 kByte RAM, on-card key generation, AES - up to 256-bit encryption, DES and Triple DES - 56/112/168 bit encryption, ECC - 512-bit encryption, SHA-1 and SHA-256, T=0, T=1 or T=CL according to ISO7816 and ISO14443A.

Plain white card.

The BasicCard Range

Enhanced BasicCards
VersionEEPROMRAMProtocolEncryptionExtrasFP SupportFile System
ZC3.32 (previously ZC3.9)8K256 bytesT=1DESNoneFullYes
ZC3.14 (previously ZC3.12)2K256 bytesT=1DESNoneFullYes

Professional BasicCards
VersionPK AlgorithmEEPROMRAMProtocolEncryptionExtrasFP SupportFile System
ZC5.4EC-16716K1KT=0, T=1AES & DESSHA-1FullYes
ZC5.5EC-16731K1.7KT=0, T=1 EAX/OMAC/AES/DESSHA-1FullYes
ZC5.6EC-16760K1.7KT=0, T=1 EAX/OMAC/AES/DESSHA-1FullYes
ZC7.5 RSA, EC-p32K2.9KT=0, T=1, T=CL21EAX/OMAC/AES/DESSHA-1FullYes

1T=CL2 for dual interface version only

Multi-Application BasicCard
VersionPK AlgorithmEEPROMRAMProtocolEncryptionExtrasFP SupportFile System
ZC6.5EC-16731K1.7KT=0, T=1EAX/OMAC/AES/ DESSHA-1FullYes

Manufacturer: BasicCard

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