EdgeConnector card printing license USB key

EdgeConnector card printing license  USB key
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The EdgeConnector card printing license enables the production of printed photo ID cards, using the user information contained in Active Directory, when used in conjunction with an EdgeConnector access control system. Compatible with most Windows-based card printers, the fully configurable templates allow for any artwork design to be rendered including fields retrieved directly from Active Directory and formatted to requirements.

The EdgeConnector card printing facility also allows for any number of different card templates to be created which can then be assigned to any individual user through group membership in the directory. It therefore unlocks all the tools required to print employee ID cards in a flexible but controlled manner, including a photo capture feature that supports any integrated or USB webcam to take and save a picture into a suitable attribute of the user account properties in Active Directory.

Licensed per PC, the EdgeConnector card printing license comes pre-loaded in a USB key that should be attached to the printing station during use.


Server softwareRuns as a service on Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008, including in virtual/clustered environments
Client softwareStandard management tool runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.
Command line, web service and API also available.
User directoryMicrosoft Active Directory - no schema extension required
Other LDAP directories on request
API also available for custom database integration
Door controllersHID Edge, Edge Evo & VertX ranges
Other IP controllers on request
Door readersAny Weigand or Hi-O interface readers, regardless of card technology
Cards / tagsAny technology, such as HID iClass, HID Prox, NXP MIFARE, NXP DESFire, Sony FeliCa, Watermark etc
Other systemsPKI smartcards (e.g. HID Crescendo, Gemalto .NET)
Identity Management platforms (e.g. Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager)

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