EdgeConnector EH400K controller

EdgeConnector EH400K controller
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The EdgeConnector EH400K controller is the core component needed to build an integrated, real-time door access solution based on Active Directory.

Each controller comes with all the software needed to fully integrate into your existing Windows networking environment, enabling the management of doors, access rights and ID cards without the need for any additional databases or systems.

The EdgeConnector software runs as a service, typically on an existing Active Directory domain controller, and processes door access requests, as well as updating user locations and security group memberships, in real-time. This enables various converged security applications including location-based logon restriction and global anti-passback.

The EdgeConnector EH400K controller can be powered using PoE (Power over Ethernet) or via an external power supply. It is designed to control access to a single door, and has a standard Weigand interface suitable for connecting most makes and models of door access readers. Other interfaces include door sensor and request-to-exit button inputs, and a door relay that can be used to control door strikes and mag-locks, using either PoE or external power. The controller can be expanded to IN/OUT operation at any time, using an additional Weigand reader interface module.

A selection of compatible readers, cards and other accessories are available from our store, although existing fittings and cards can often be used if already in place. Full wiring diagrams are also provided, although we generally recommend the use of an experienced locksmith or installer.

An EdgeConnector system can be expanded to any number of doors and users simply by adding EdgeConnector controllers (one per door). Photo capture is included for free card printing can be enabled by purchasing a suitable printing license.
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