ACOS3-32 + MIFARE Classic 4K

ACOS3-32 + MIFARE Classic 4K
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The new ACOS3 card from ACS is a flexible microprocessor smartcard with 32K bytes of EEPROM memory. Backwards compatible with ACOS2, it now supports 3 volt operation and PPS speed negotiation. The high degree of security enabled by this card allows users to consider high end payment applications, especially when used alongside the ACOS6 Security Authentication Module (SAM).

This version includes a built-in contactless MIFARE Classic 4K chip too, providing a useful combination that can be used for logical and physical access control and other such applications.

Plain white card. This card can not be SIM cut.


Technical Specifications
Operating voltage5V DC +/-10% (Class A) and 3V DC +/-10% (Class B)
Maximum supply current<10mA
ESD protection_<4 KV
EEPROM Capacity24 Kbytes/32 Kbytes/64 Kbytes/72 Kbytes/256 Kbytes depending on model
EEPROM endurance100,000 erase/write cycles
Data retention10 years
Operating temperature-25oC to 85oC
Storage temperature-40oC to 100oC

Manufacturer: ACS

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