Additional Wiegand Interface Module EWM-M

Additional Wiegand Interface Module EWM-M
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The EWM-M Wiegand Module increases the number of readers connected to an EdgeConnector controller to enable “In/Out” door access functionality in a highly cost-effective manner.

The EWM-M Wiegand Module provides the interface to enable a second Wiegand door access reader to be connected to the standard EdgeConnector door access controller. This enables both “In” and “Out” readers to be connected to a single controller, which can be used for increased security and for applications such as time and attendance tracking and location-based logon prevention.

One additional reader module can be connected to each EdgeConnector controller using the 4-wire Hi-O expansion bus, with the potential to power everything over PoE. Other modules such as the Additional Input Module EIM-M can also be added to the controller if required.
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