FeliCa Lite-S RC-S966 card

FeliCa Lite-S RC-S966 card
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The FeliCa Lite-S RC-S966 card is a standard ID-sized NFC contactless card that operates at 13.56MHz wireless frequency and contains 224 bytes of usable read/write memory for NDEF data. The FeliCa Lite-S technology offers read-access as well as write-access control functionality, enabling streamlined mutual authentication and secure application development.

The RC-S966 supports simultaneous 64-byte data-read and 16-byte data-write operations, providing fast transaction speed. The chip also features an anti-tearing as well as a data integrity-check function to prevent incomplete data update and detect any data error.

The FeliCa Lite-S RC-S966 is ideal for use in various NFC applications, contactless ID, loyalty and e-business cards, and has been pre-formatted to NDEF for convenience.

This card is NFC forum type 3 compliant.

Supplied as 86 x 54mm plain white plastic cards.

Pricing is per card.
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