Crescendo C1150 + iClass & Prox Card

Crescendo C1150 + iClass & Prox Card
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The Crescendo C1150 smartcard specialises in logical and physical access control applications incorporating iClass and HID Prox technologies with a cryptographic contact chip. By combining logical and physical access control in a single card the Crescendo C1150 series reduces card management costs and increases user convenience. Crescendo C1150 series smartcards deliver broad support for Microsoft's Enterprise products and are fully interoperable with the Microsoft-approved mini driver.

The Crescendo C1150 series of smartcards use a powerful contact chip with a high-output, cryptographic co-processor, designed to deliver maximum performance in logical access control. Crescendo smartcards are supplied pre-initialised with the required on-card software and include all required drivers and middleware giving out-of-the-box, standards-compliant support for logical access control applications.

As an alternative to one time password (OTP) tokens, the card supports strong authentication for VPN access. In addition, the Crescendo C1150 offers document and email digital signature services, and protects critical data during transmission between trusted parties or for data at-rest.

By incorporating the iClass contactless technology, the Crescendo C1150 enables users to meet their secure physical access control needs with one card. The card also contains HID’s Prox chip to support legacy systems. Please contact us for further details on Prox programming to match your current system.

Crescendo C700 and C200 series cards

Technical Specifications

Standards and Certifications
ISO 7816 1-4
PKCS11 (only C700)
X.509 v3, PKCS 12, PFX, DER
Base CSP (only C200)

OS Support
Windows Vista™ / Windows 7
Windows® 2000 / Windows® Server 2003
Windows® CE / Mobile (only C700)
Mac® OS X (only C700)
Linux (only C700)
Solaris (only C700)
Unix (only C700)

Contact chip technical information
Crypto Co-Processor
SupportsJava® Card OS v2.2.2, Open Platform 2.1.1
Maximum number of 1024 Bit Digital Certificates21 (C700) or 16 (C200)
Maximum number of 2048 Bit Digital Certificates15 (C700) or 12 (C200)
EEPROM Storage80K
EEPROM Data Retention20 Years

Contactless technologies technical information
MIFARE13.56 MHz wireless frequency, contains 4Kbytes of read/write memory, typically operate at a distance of up to 10cm depending on the power provided by the reader
iClass13.56 MHz, 32Kbytes, typically operate at a distance of up to 10cm depending on the power provided by the reader
HID Proximity125 kHz RFID, typically operate at a distance of 6cm-20cm depending on the power provided by the reader

Compatible applications
Windows® Domain Log-On
Remote Desktop / RDP
Microsoft® Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007
Encrypted File System
Internet Explorer
Windows® Certificate Authority Applications
Single Sign-On
Pre-Boot Authentication (only C700)
Firefox® (only C700)
Netscape® (only C700)
Match-on-Card Fingerprint (only C700)
Smart Card Management Utility (only C700)

Manufacturer: HID

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