MULTOS high security smartcard SDK

MULTOS high security smartcard SDK
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This software development kit contains everything needed to get started with secure MULTOS application development on smartcards.

MULTOS is a well-established vendor-independent operating system and secure environment built on open standards and designed to enable multiple applications to run independently on smartcards and similar hardware devices. Specified and maintained independently by the MULTOS Consortium, key features of the technology include an on-chip virtual machine that provides both strong security and platform independence, and a unique application load and verification system based on public key cryptography, which avoids many of the typical key management challenges of other smartcard OS platforms such as Java card.

MULTOS cards can run multiple applications for a wide range of uses including payments, ID, transit, mobile and IoT. These applications are typically written in C, and the development kit includes full reference documentation, training materials and code samples as well as the required Eclipse development environment toolchain plug-ins.

The kit also includes a Gemalto IDBridge CT30 USB smartcard reader and two 36K MULTOS contact-only community developer cards that have been enabled on the MULTOS Key Management Authority (KMA) which allows for applications and data to be securely loaded onto the cards in an insecure environment.

Further supplies of these cards are available from our online store, and other card types are also available on request.

MULTOS high security contact smartcard

Technical Specifications:
MULTOS Version4.31
Power / External Clock1.62V to 5.5V / 1 to 7.5 MHz
Transport ProtocolT = 0, T = 1
PPSSupported, max speed 447kbps @ 3.58MHz
RAM Public1088 bytes
RAM Dynamic960bytes
EEPROM TotalUp to 60KB
AESYes - 128/192/256 bits
RSAYes - 512 to 2048 bits
ECCYes 160 to 512 bits
Secure hashSHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512

Manufacturer: Multos


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