Key-ID FIDO U2F security key

Key-ID FIDO U2F security key
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The FIDO U2F token from Key-ID is a compact USB security token that adds a strong second factor to user logins for the growing number of online services that support this new technology. Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Chromebook, this security key is designed to work straight out of the box and enjoys native support in Chrome and other FIDO-compliant browsers and add-ons. Online service providers that support FIDO U2F as part of their two-step verification include Facebook, Google, Dropbox and GitHub.

The Key-ID FIDO U2F token supports any number of accounts registered within one key, eliminating the need to maintain and manage multiple devices. Offering secure smartcard-like authentication at the simple press of a button, this FIDO token allows users to combine their own passwords with the high level of hardware-based protection it provides.

Supplied with a key ring loop attachment, the Key-ID FIDO U2F token does not require dedicated drivers or software, performing all account and key management tasks automatically according to the FIDO Alliance U2F standard.

Key-ID FIDO U2F token

Below is an additional photo of the Key-ID FIDO U2F token.

This device is also known as ePass FIDO and is certified by the FIDO Alliance under that name.

Product dimensions: 24mm x 6.50mm x 14mm
Package dimensions: 110mm x 8.5mm x 95mm

FIDO® is a registered trademark of FIDO Alliance, Inc.

Manufacturer: Key-ID

Connection Method: USB

Key-ID FIDO U2F token
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