Feitian R301-C11 SIM/full-size smartcard reader

Feitian R301-C11 SIM/full-size smartcard reader
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The R301-C11 from Feitian is a contact USB smartcard reader that complies with ISO 7816 and EMV Level 1 specifications. Offering seamless integration on all major operating systems, this reader features a full-size smartcard interface as well as a SIM-sized slot, making it ideal for GSM SIM editing and similar applications.

The Feitian R301-C11 is a CCID-compliant plug-and-play PC/SC device, compatible with all microprocessor smartcards using T=0 and T=1 protocol.

Note that the R301 is not a dual reader device, and you can therefore only insert and access one card at any one time.
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