ACOS5-64 Cryptomate Nano

ACOS5-64 Cryptomate Nano
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The Cryptomate Nano PKI token from ACS is a USB device combining a secure cryptographic smartcard in a convenient USB stick housing. The device employs the newest FIPS 140-2 Level 3-Certified ACOS5-64 v3.00 chip to store all credentials and private keys meaning that sensitive security information never leaves the device.

The Cryptomate Nano is specially designed for public-key based applications and for enhancing security and performance for RSA public-key cryptographic operations that are essential in smartcard PKI, digital signature and high level security requirements. Designed to be tamper-evident, the Cryptomate Nano achieves a high level of security in all application areas.

The ACS-developed CSP/PKCS#11 middleware, which is available by purchasing the ACOS5-64 Evaluation kit, ensures that the ACOS5-64 cryptographic smartcard is compatible with both Windows and Linux environments. The ACOS5-64 supports Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 (x64 as well as x86).

ACOS5-64 Cryptomate Nano

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Manufacturer: ACS

Connection Method: USB

ACOS5-64 Cryptomate Nano
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