Gemalto IDPrime MD 830 B + EM4200 + MIFARE 1K

Gemalto IDPrime MD 830 B + EM4200 + MIFARE 1K
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The Gemalto IDPrime MD 830 B card is a plug & play PKI smartcard that provides the necessary security services to implement a strong two-factor logical access and security infrastructure on Windows and other platforms. The IDPrime MD 830 B is a contact interface smart card that supports the ISO 7816 standard, and is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified.

Fully compliant with the latest Microsoft minidriver specifications for use on Windows, without the need for additional middleware. The optional SafeNet Authentication Client is also available at additional cost if required, providing, for example, PKCS#11 support on Windows, Mac and Linux.

This version includes a built-in low frequency EM4200 RFID chip, and a high frequency (13.56MHz) MIFARE Classic 1K chip providing a useful and flexible combination that can be used for logical and physical access control and other RFID-based applications such as time and attendance or print-release.

Plain white card. Standard pre-programmed EM4200 chip serial number. Un-encoded MIFARE Classic chip with default keys.

Gemalto IDPrime MD

If you are considering the implementation of smartcard logon, you may find our in-depth article and guide to PKI-based logon useful.

We are also able to offer a custom configuration service, where IDPrime MD cards can be delivered rapidly, with a dedicated admin PIN, custom PIN policy and/or custom Global Platform key if required. Please contact us for more details.

Our hybrid smartcard manufacturing service also enables IDPrime MD 830 chips to be embedded into any compatible RFID card body, which can also be printed and programmed as needed.

Manufacturer: Dot Origin

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