VTAP100-USB mobile wallet reader

VTAP100-USB mobile wallet reader
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The VTAP100 from Dot Origin can selectively read and decrypt NFC pass data from iPhone or Android devices, and transfer this data to a connected system.
The VTAP100 reader can be used in many environments, including retail loyalty, gym check-in, and sports ticketing. The VTAP100 remains logically separate from any payment mechanism. This simplifies data and security considerations, and the human interaction. It does not support EMV payments, but can be used for stored value and points redemption applications.
VTAP100 has been designed to support a smooth transition from plastic to mobile NFC passes so, alongside mobile passes, the VTAP100 will also read popular contactless RFID or NFC smartcards and tags, to support mixed-use applications. It is fully certified by both Apple and Google to work with their respective VAS and Smart Tap protocols, supporting automatic pass selection on iOS, as well as on-board decryption.
A USB connection from any PC is used to configure the VTAP100, by editing simple text files. Keys can be easily updated but cannot be extracted from the device. The configuration can be locked, so that the device is password protected or read-only in general use.
The VTAP100-USB can output pass data over USB in the same way as a mag-stripe, barcode or QR code scanner. This can be a keyboard emulation or over a virtual COM port interface. This makes it possible to add the VTAP100 to existing systems without software changes, to update an established card or ticket experience, to one where passes are wholly electronic.
The VTAP100-USB is supplied in a compact plastic case with a captive USB cable. That housing has a recessed face, ready for branding with your own custom-printed label (not included).

This is all you need to get started with mobile NFC pass reading, as it includes access to create demonstration mobile passes, so that you can test your application.
Includes a free license for Dot Origin's popular Read-a-Card software - ideal for customers using more advanced features.
Other versions of VTAP100 are available, with a serial RS-232 or Wiegand interface, often used for access control and turnstiles. The PCB is also available to integrators, as VTAP100-OEM. Contact us to discuss availability of these options.

VTAP100-USB mobile wallet reader

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (enclosure): Camden Boss CBRS01SBK : 86mm x 86mm x 25.5mm (3.39in x 3.39in x 1.00in); Other options on request
Dimensions (PCB): 41mm x 79mm (1.61in x 3.11in) , with integrated 40mm (1.57in) square antenna
PCB mounting: 2 x integrated mounting holes and 4 x removable mounting holes/lugs
Weight: 98g (3.5oz)
Power Supply: 5V DC via USB interface (typ. 50mA, max 150mA)
Operating/Storage Ambient Temperature: 0 to +50degC (32 to 122degF)
Operating Humidity: 0-95% RH (non-condensing)

NFC Interface

Frequency/standards: 13.56MHz, ISO 14443 and ISO 18092
Card/tag compatibility: MIFARE Ultralight, Classic, DESFire, NFC Types 1, 2, 3 or 4
Data: UID/CSN reading as standard, secure data reading on request, NFC tag reading (type 2 or 4) on request
Mobile pass compatibility:
  • Apple Wallet NFC passes (VAS-only) – Selective payload field extraction and decryption;
  • Google Wallet NFC passes (Smart Tap) – Selective service object record and field extraction and decryption.
Pass auto selection: Yes (including full Apple ECP compliance)
Encryption algorithms: ECDH, NIST P-256, ECDSA, HMAC SHA-256, AES-128 CTR, AES-256 GCM, ANSI-X9.63-KDF and HKDF according to RFC5869 using HMAC-SHA256
Number of merchant IDs: 6 x Apple merchant IDs (with optional URL) + 6 x Google Pay collector IDs
Number of ECC key slots: 6 total (shared between Apple & Google merchant IDs)

USB Interface

Device types:
  • Mass storage device (for configuration, key loading and firmware updates);
  • Human interface device (barcode/keyboard emulation);
  • Virtual serial COM port (for advanced applications/logging - configurable on/off)
Connection: Micro USB socket on board; Captive USB cable (supplied with enclosure)

Human Interface

LEDs concealed by case - Configurable red and green LEDs

Other features

Field configurable: Yes, using configuration files, and with password and hardware-based lock
Field upgradeable: Yes, using encrypted firmware file and secure bootloader, and factory reset feature
Hardware security: Cryptographic co-processor with secure hardware-based key storage
On-board real time clock: Available for time stamping and verification as needed

Compliance / Certification

Apple VAS, Google SmartTap, CE (in progress), FCC (in progress)

Operating System support

Windows 10, Windows 7, Linux

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty
Manufacturer's part number: VTAP100-USB

Manufacturer: Dot Origin

Connection Method: USB

VTAP100-USB mobile wallet reader
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