Desktop smartcard readers

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Contact, contactless and combined technology desktop smartcard readers.

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Gemalto IDBridge CT30 product image
Gemalto IDBridge CT30
This unique transparent USB contact reader is highly compact and boasts high performance to match.
Omnikey 3121 Landing Contacts product image
Omnikey 3121 Landing Contacts
The standard Omnikey 3121 contact smartcard reader with landing contacts, ideal for very high transaction volume environments.
ACR1281U-C8 product image
Desktop USB contactless smartcard reader. Backwards compatible with ACR120U.
ACR1281S-C8 Serial product image
ACR1281S-C8 Serial
Contactless desktop serial smartcard reader. Backwards compatible with ACR120S which it replaces.
ACR1281U-C1 product image
Dual interface USB contact and contactless reader with built-in SAM slot. SDK also available.
Omnikey 5325 CL  Prox product image
Omnikey 5325 CL Prox
This USB reader supports contactless smartcard-based applications using HID Proximity cards. Two year warranty.
Omnikey 3021 product image
Omnikey 3021
Cost effective USB horizontal style reader in transparent housing with blue LED. Uses the same technology and drivers as the Omnikey 3121. Two year warranty.
Omnikey 3121 Heavy Base product image
Omnikey 3121 Heavy Base
The popular 3121 USB contact smartcard reader with a heavy base for additional stability, ideal for more rugged desktop environments. Alternative angled mounting option. Two year warranty.
ACR38U-A4 with SAM product image
ACR38U-A4 with SAM
The standard ACR38 USB contact smartcard reader with an additional built in SAM slot.
ACR1222L USB with LCD product image
ACR1222L USB with LCD
The ACR1222L NFC contactless reader with USB interface, LCD and 3 SAM slots. Ideal for various NFC applications where a display is required, such as point-of-sale and embedded systems.
Smartcard keyboard Cherry 6644 product image
Smartcard keyboard Cherry 6644
A cost effective USB Cherry keyboard with built in contact smartcard reader. Omnikey compatible, supports secure PIN entry.
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