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Smartcard Focus is the official distributor and online reseller for the Read-a-Card software solution from Dot Origin. Read-a-Card is the leading solution for identifying, reading, integrating and logging ID data from contactless cards and tags, primarily on Windows platforms. More details of the Read-a-Card functionality as well as compatibility with different makes and models of contactless smartcard reader can be found at Read-a-Card can be purchased as a pure software solution to work with one or more existing compatible readers, or as a combined hardware and software package, ready to go.

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Most popular Read-a-Card packages

A selection of the most popular Read-a-Card software and hardware packages available to buy online.
Read-a-Card contactless discovery solutions

Read-a-Card can be used to quickly identify different card types and to discover the unique ID for each card. It can operate as a keyboard wedge, automatically 'typing' the card ID into other software applications. Read-a-Card can be used for easy enrolment of users into physical access systems, as well as more advanced integration with other software applications. Plus it has features built in for automatic logging of RFID events coming from one or more attached readers.

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