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Smartcard Focus is the official distributor and an online reseller for DTAG100 dynamic tags and VTAP100 mobile wallet readers from Dot Origin. These are products cleverly designed to integrate into existing check in or point of sale infrastructure. They are supplied both as boxed end-user devices and as OEM boards for integrators. The devices make the most of NFC technology, allowing you to exchange information with your customers in exciting new ways, and create seamless mobile phone based experiences, which are still compatible with existing systems.

  VTAP100 mobile wallet readers
VTAP100 mobile wallet readers

Mobile NFC pass reader that reads iPhone and Android based passes via NFC, as well as other cards and tags.
  DTAG100 dynamic tag
DTAG100 dynamic NFC tag modules

The USB-connected DTAG100 dynamic NFC tag with optional smart BLE beacon/iBeacon.

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