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Memory smartcards

Fixed-function smartcards primarily for storing data, some with security features but generally without other on-board processing facilities. Cards are all available for purchase in any quantity.

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AT88SC25616C M2 secure memory smartcard - 32K - Click for more info... AT88SC25616C M2 secure memory smartcard - 32K
A high performance memory card with integrated security and cryptographic features. 32K memory.
In stock   5.00
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SLE5542 - Click for more info... SLE5542
EEPROM memory card - 256 bytes plus 32 x 1 bit protection memory.
In stock   1.10
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SLE4428 + MIFARE Classic 1K Card - Click for more info... SLE4428 + MIFARE Classic 1K Card
EEPROM memory card with integrated MIFARE Classic 1K technology. 1K bytes with 2 byte programmable security code.
In stock   3.50
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GemClub Memo - Click for more info... GemClub Memo
256 byte memory card uses T=0 protocol programmable using PC/SC.
In stock   2.50
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SLE5528 - Click for more info... SLE5528
EEPROM memory card 1K bytes with 2 byte programmable security code.
In stock   1.50
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*Volume discounts may be available. Click on the product for further information.

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Smartcard Pictures
The Smartcard pictures displayed are for illustration purposes only and are not a reliable means of card identification. Manufacturers may vary the contact area between batches.


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