Smartcard readers

Desktop smartcard readers

Contact, contactless and combined technology desktop smartcard readers.
Laptop, PDA and smartphone smartcard readers

Smartcard readers designed for laptops, PDAs and other mobile devices. Interfaces include PCMCIA, ExpressCard and SDIO.
Smartcard readers for mobile devices

Smartcard readers designed for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
Contact smartcard readers

Contact smartcard readers primarily designed to work with ISO 7816 cards.
Contactless/MIFARE smartcard readers

Contactless readers supporting various technologies including MIFARE, ISO 14443 and ISO 15693.
Keyboard-wedge readers

Card readers that output card data as an emulated keyboard input to the host system
Dual interface smartcard readers

Readers offering both contact and contactless technologies in one unit.
SIM/USB-stick smartcard readers

Smartcard readers for SIM-sized cards, many including flash storage and contactless technology.
PINpad smartcard readers

Smartcard readers with integrated keypad for high security applications. Some also have an LCD screen and various programmable features.
Programmable smartcard readers

Smartcard readers that have various programmable features.
Built in smartcard readers

Smartcard readers designed for integration into other equipment. Includes 3.5" floppy bays and OEM boards.
Serial-port smartcard readers

Smartcard readers with serial interfaces.
Keyboard smartcard readers

Keyboards with built in contact, contactless and fingerprint readers.
Door access readers

Card readers for use in door access applications.

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