EasyTac Complete Digital Tachograph Solution

EasyTac Complete Digital Tachograph Solution
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The easy way to download, view and store your digital tachograph data
Do you use a digital tachograph?
It is your legal obligation to periodically download, view and store your driver's card and vehicle unit (VU) activity data.

Do you have a driver's card?
These cards are personal to the driver, and are issued by the DVLA in the UK.

Do you have a company card?
Even if you only have one vehicle you will need a company card because it acts as a key to your VU data and protects it from unauthorised downloads.

Do you have a download solution?
You must download and store driver's cards every four weeks and the vehicle unit (VU) every eight weeks.

You need EasyTac - easy access to your digital tachograph data.

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Key features:
  • Unlimited number of drivers and vehicles
  • Automatic reminders for when to download
  • Unlimited support by phone or e-mail
  • Fully compatible with all card readers and vehicle units
  • View and report your data
This kit is designed to offer a complete low-cost solution, with everything you need to meet the legal requirements for downloading digital tachograph data:
  • EasyTac downloader software for viewing, reporting and printing vehicle unit and driver's card data
  • Omnikey 3121 cardreader with heavy base for additional durability and stability
  • Digidown portable unit for downloading data directly from a digital tachograph vehicle unit
If you already have compatible hardware, or just want to download driver's card data, please click here or check out our related products below for alternative packages

EasyTac solutions

EasyTac software features:

  • Easy to use with a simple user interface
  • View, analyse and print both driver and vehicle activity reports
  • Automatic visual reminders for when to download
  • Create familiar analogue-style tachograph timelines
  • Manage and forward your stored data via email
  • Highlights overspeeds, events and faults
  • Back-up and export your data
  • Supports an unlimited number of drivers and vehicles

    EasyTac downloader is simple to use...

    Simply insert your driver's card into the reader, and click ‘Download Card’. To download vehicle unit data using a Digidown or any other download device, simply click 'Download VU'. Data is then read and stored in tamper-proof files that conform to the European standards as required by VOSA. These data files can be saved on the PC itself or to your network.

    Once your data is downloaded, you can view and print flexible reports of the downloaded data, including detailed activities and daily summaries.

    EasyTac downloader enables you to...
    • Meet the minimum legal requirements for downloading digital tachograph data.
    • EasyTac downloader reads data from driver's smartcards and stores it in the standard file format required under UK and EU law. You simply need to ensure that you download data from each driver’s card once every 3-4 weeks. The software also aids downloading from vehicle unit (VU) download devices.

    • View, analyse and print activity reports.
    • After the download process, you can use the reporting functions to identify the dates where activity data has been read, and display and/or print the detailed activity data as well as a daily summary of the hours spent on each shift.

    • Print analogue-style tachograph timelines and export your data.
    • A printed timeline report includes daily graphical representations for the driver activities. You can also export report data into other programs.

    • Manage, back-up and forward your stored data.
    • Files are automatically stored in a configurable location using a simple-to-understand file naming convention. You can change this location so that it is on either a local disk drive or a network. The files are also freely accessible in case they need to be forwarded by email. A feature to back these files up is also included.

    • Re-analyse previous downloads.
    • Files previously stored by EasyTac downloader can be re-opened at any time for further analysis and reporting. Standard-format files downloaded by other software applications can also be imported and analysed if required.
    EasyTac downloader is licensed on a per-PC basis – simply buy one package per download station as needed.

    Compatible with:

  • Windows PC's running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • All common smartcard readers
  • All common vehicle unit (VU) download devices - including Optac and VDO
  • All makes of digital tachographs used within Europe

    Manufacturer: EasyTac

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