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Smartcard Focus is constantly updating and adding to its product range. As well as representing several major manufacturers from within the world-wide smartcard industry, our product team searches out the more specialized products and solutions and helps to introduce them to a wider market. The items below highlight new products and developments in our range.

2010.06.20 - ACOS3-32 microprocessor smartcard powered with MIFARE technology

Smartcard Focus now stocks the new ACOS3 smartcard with built-in contactless MIFARE 1k chip. The ACOS3-32 is a fixed-function smartcard designed for secure payment and other applications. With the addition of the contactless MIFARE 1k chip, it is now possible to incorporate physical access control and other such applications.

Full product details: ACOS3-32 + MIFARE Classic 1K

2010.06.10 - New MIFARE Ultralight plastic coated label from NXP!

Smartcard Focus now stocks the new 38mm MIFARE Ultralight circular label.

The MIFARE Ultralight self-adhesive plastic coated paper label from NXP is primarily aimed at various contactless ID/ticketing applications and NFC-enabling products and posters.

Read more about the MIFARE Ultralight label range.

Full product details: MIFARE Ultralight Label 38 mm - Circular

2010.03.15 - Simple, reliable and affordable ID card printing with the C30E kit from Fargo

The Persona C30E kit, a complete, low cost and reliable photo ID system is now available through Smartcard Focus!

The C30E kit from Fargo is all about versatility: print employee photo ID access cards in full colour or black and white; print, erase and reprint rewritable visitor badges or produce thin loyalty cards for mailing purposes.

The C30E Kit is the perfect solution for educational institutions, SMEs with acces control systems or any organisation wanting to issue printed user/ID cards at an affordable cost.

Full product details:

2010.02.05 - Gemalto .NET card combined with MIFARE technology

The Gemalto .NET card provides a highly secure method of storing digital signatures, providing two factor authentication and support for other PKI based applications within the Windows environment. With the inclusion of a 1K or a 4k MIFARE chip in the card it now provides a useful combination that can be used for both logical and physical access control.

Read more about .NET card + MIFARE 1K and .NET card + MIFARE 4K.

2009.12.06 - ACS readers with internal buzzer - the ACS range is expanding!

Smartcard Focus has now introduced the extended range of ACR122, a lightweight contactless reader/writer which supports both MIFARE and ISO 14443 A/B cards as well as Felica and NFC tags. New to the range are the ACR122 Serial and USB readers complete with internal buzzer, as well as the ACR122T, the token version of the ACR122U NFC Reader, which is especially designed for NFC applications requiring great portability.

Read more about ACR122 Serial with buzzer, the ACR122 USB with buzzer and ACR122T

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