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Smartcard Focus is constantly updating and adding to its product range. As well as representing several major manufacturers from within the world-wide smartcard industry, our product team searches out the more specialized products and solutions and helps to introduce them to a wider market. The items below highlight new products and developments in our range.

2008.12.17 - Smartcard Focus continues to expand their contactless range of cards and tags

MIFARE 1K circular tag
A circular PVC tag containing the popular MIFARE 1K chip from NXP. Each tag is supplied with its individual MIFARE ID laser engraved on its surface.

Full product details: MIFARE Classic 1K Circular Tag - Engraved

2008.12.16 - The new ACOS3-64

The latest card in the ACOS range, the ACOS3-64 is backwards-compatible with ACOS2 and other ACOS3 cards, has 64K bytes of EEPROM memory, supports 3 volt operation and PPS speed negotiation. The high degree of security and large memory size makes this card suitable for a wide range of applications, especially when used alongside the ACOS6 Security Authentication Module (SAM).

Full product details: ACOS3-64

2008.12.15 - SIM reader with built in flash memory from ACS

ACS has launched a new USB 2.0 device incorporating both a SIM-sized smartcard reader and 1GB of on board flash memory that acts as a normal flash drive. The reader can be used in a wide variety of applications such as GSM, PKI, electronic payment and home banking.

Since software can be installed onto the reader's built-in flash memory this device is an ideal carrier for portable applications. This feature also makes the available SDK a highly attractive option to developers, allowing users to program applications compatible to the ACR100 SIM-sized smartcard reader.

Read more about the ACR 100 and the ACR 100 SDK.

2008.10.09 - The new Smartboard Twin 6675 from Cherry

The Smartboard Twin 6675 USB from Cherry is a UK-layout keyboard with a built in combined contact and contactless smartcard reader. By combining contact and contactless technology within a keyboard Cherry are offering a solution to save space and simplify operations within high security applications. As with all Cherry products this keyboard is high quality and is available in alternative country layouts on request.

Full product details: Smartboard Twin 6675

2008.10.03 - A new and expanding range of NFC labels and tags

In a continued effort to supply an innovative range of contactless and NFC tags and labels, Smartcard Focus had introduced several new products and is now expanding their range. Amongst our portfolio are the MIFARE 1k Metal Surface Tag, the MIFARE Ultralight Tag, the MIFARE 1k Tag, the MIFARE Ultralight All Surface Tag and the MIFARE Ultralight Labels.

MIFARE Ultralight tag
The MIFARE Ultralight chip from NXP in miniature self-adhesive tag format. Containing 64 bytes of usable read/write memory, this tag is only 25mm x 15mm x 1mm. Due to its size and self-adhesive finish this tag is ideal for tagging items or use with NFC posters and marketing material.

Read more about the MIFARE Ultralight tag.

MIFARE 1k tag
The ever-popular MIFARE 1K chip from NXP, also known as the MIFARE Classic, in an ultra-thin PVC tag format. Whilst having a larger surface area than some of our other tags this MIFARE 1k tag is only 0.86mm thick, ensuring easy incorporation into the tightest of gaps in other devices. Our development team chose this product to meet the increasing demand for contactless tags to be embedded within bespoke developments.

Read more about the MIFARE 1k tag.

MIFARE 1k Metal surface tag
This MIFARE 1k tag allows the application of MIFARE technology to metal surfaces. Although larger than other tags the metal surface tag is designed to be durable with its specially designed shielding allowing use from up to 10cm without interference from metal.

Read more about the MIFARE 1k Metal surface tag.

See the full range of NFC cards, labels and tags.

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