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Smartcard Focus is constantly updating and adding to its product range. As well as representing several major manufacturers from within the world-wide smartcard industry, our product team searches out the more specialised products and solutions and helps to introduce them to a wider market. The items below highlight new products and developments in our range:

2009.03.10 - A network enabled contactless reader

The GemTAG x1010IP-X is a network enabled contactless reader from Gemini 2000 which is powered over Ethernet (PoE). As well as providing MIFARE and contactless card reading via IP, an important feature of this unit is its built-in relay which allows the control of external devices and gives the unit the functionality to support door access applications. The starter kit for this unit includes full API documentation and configuration tools and is highly recommended for new application developments.

Full product details: GemTAG x1010IP-X Starter Kit

2009.03.09 - Contact technology Java cards

Smartcard Focus now stocks the JCOP21 18K Java card as an alternative to our existing JCOP31 card. The JCOP21 is a contact-only Java card with 18K of EEPROM memory. This card is excellent value and is ideal for low cost Java card implementations.

Full product details: JCOP21 18K

2009.03.08 - Additional reader boards now available

Smartcard Focus now stocks the Omnikey 3111 and 5121 reader boards as well as their current stock of 'built in smartcard readers'. These new products are designed to allow users to embed contact and contactless technology smartcard readers within their own solutions. To help with this type of integration there is also a reader board mounting bracket available designed as an easy and reliable way of mounting Omnikey reader boards.

Read more about the CM5121 OEM and the CM3111 OEM.

2009.03.05 - Highly competitive Sun Ray cards with MIFARE capability

Smartcard Focus has introduced this low-cost solution for use with Sun's range of thin client devices. This version of the Sun Ray smartcard includes a built-in contactless MIFARE 1K chip, providing a useful combination that can be used for logical and physical access control and other such applications. This card offers excellent value to Sun Ray users and is one of the most competitive on the market.

Full product details: Sun Ray Card + MIFARE Classic 1K

2009.03.04 - A new multi-function SIM sized reader

The @Maxx Prime from SCM is a multi-function SIM sized USB smartcard reader combined with 1GB of on-board flash memory, a micro SD card slot and a built-in antenna connected to the card for contactless applications. The large number of combined technologies included in this reader gives users a huge amount of potential application areas, from being a secure private data storage device to being used as a physical access token.

Full product details: @Maxx Prime 1GB

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