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Smartcard Focus is constantly updating and adding to its product range. As well as representing several major manufacturers from within the world-wide smartcard industry, our product team searches out the more specialised products and solutions and helps to introduce them to a wider market. The items below highlight new products and developments in our range:

2009.03.03 - A lightweight contactless smartcard reader

The SCL010 is the latest contactless reader from SCM. As with most SCM readers it is firmware upgradeable and the ultra-thin trendy white case makes it an attractive addition to any desktop environment. The reader comes supplied with a matching stand for vertical and horizontal positioning and the LED hidden under the surface of the reader allows for the visual confirmation of card reads, creating an excellent value and good looking contactless smartcard reader.

Full product details: SCL010

2009.02.11 - New laptop and PDA readers

The SCR3340 is an ExpressCard format smartcard reader designed to enable smaller and faster PC card solutions for next generation PCs. Well designed and in a durable housing, this reader is an excellent addition to any mobile laptop environment.

Read more about the SCR3340.

A contact smartcard reader in the PCMCIA sized format that provides an ideal alternative to a desktop sized reader for most laptop users. As with the SCR3340 this reader is supplied in a sturdy metal housing and is ideal for users who require smartcard based applications in a mobile environment.

Read more about the SCR243.

2009.02.06 - A unique, non-damaging card holder solution

Supplied in packs of 10, Smartcard Focus now stock these innovative card grips as part of their range of card holders. The patented design firmly secures a card for attachment to a lanyard or holder through the use of strong rubber grips, causing no physical damage or marking to the card.

Full product details: Card Grips - 10 pack

2009.01.21 - A high value NFC starter kit

The ACR122 Starter Kit has been put together by the Smartcard Focus team to allow easy development of programs and applications using contactless cards and NFC devices. The package includes several MIFARE cards and MIFARE Ultralight labels and is complemented by a full set of software tools, developer documentation and code samples on CD.

Full product details: ACR122 Starter Kit

2009.01.14 - A new secure PIN entry reader from ACS

The latest PINpad reader from ACS, the ACR83 is a secure PIN entry device, allowing PIN entries to be made to the device itself rather than via a PC or workstation, removing the possibility of the interception of highly valuable information by a virus, trojan or USB sniffer. This reader provides a step forward in home banking, e-commerce and digital signature security.

Full product details: ACR83

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